The Housing Impact
Fund South Africa
Old Mutual Alternative Investments
About the Fund

Established in 2010 with ZAR9.15 B of investor commitments, the Housing Impact Fund South Africa (HIFSA) is the largest housing impact fund in South Africa.

HIFSA’s objective is to provide its investors with commercially viable returns by investing in the housing sector in South Africa. HIFSA invests in various aspects of the housing value chain, from the development of housing projects, rental accommodation and student accommodation, through to the provision of mortgage and incremental housing finance, with a focus on the Affordable Market segment.

HIFSA also enables its investors to achieve Targeted Investment points, as defined in the Financial Sector Charter.

About the Fund
Impact across our investments

HIFSA aspires to make a positive impact on the housing sector in South Africa, with a focus on the Affordable Market segment.

We are proud of the impact HIFSA has made to date:

Housing Delivery

  • Invested in 24 housing development projects
  • 19,425 houses and erven transferred to date
  • 40,000 transfers expected over the life of the fund
  • 80% in Affordable Market segment

Rental & Student Housing

  • Invested in 16 rental and student housing portfolios
  • 8,000 rental units to date
  • 9,900 student beds to date
  • 93% in Affordable Market segment

Consumer Finance

  • 2,800 mortgage bonds financed
  • 43,000 home improvement loans financed
  • 35,000 unsecured housing loans financed
  • 83% in Affordable Market segment

HIFSA Portfolio

HIFSA has constructed its investment portfolio to maximize both investor outcomes and housing impact.

HIFSA has invested in twenty-four housing development projects, sixteen rental and student housing portfolios, and three consumer finance transactions.

Its portfolio is nationally diversified, with both debt and equity investments, and managed by a selection of specialist operators to match the individual portfolios of underlying assets.